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Fun Facts


  1. I’m an animal lover.
  2. I’m a pescatarian.
  3. I would love to have a pet hedgehog, fox, and/or raccoon.
  4. Hmm. All three of those have to do with animals. Maybe the first one is superfluous at this rate.
  5. I play many instruments, including the viola and the piano.
  6. My all-time favorite video game is Life Is Strange.
  7. I studied abroad in Japan.
  8. I occasionally stream on Twitch.
  9. I have three tattoos (and counting).
  10. My favorite female Marvel character is Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff while my favorite male is Doctor Stephen Strange.


Bonus fact (#4 didn’t really count, now did it?): My favorite living writer is Aidan Chambers, while my favorite deceased writer is Oscar Wilde (*insert sarcasm here* yay for old white men).

author with the Oscar Wilde statue in Dublin, Ireland


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